viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Hollywood Museum

                                           Entertainment Awards Exhibit

The Hollywood Museum houses 10.000 real showbiz treasures and the most extensive collection of Hollywood costumes, star cars, posters, photographs and memorabilia in the world with over 100 years of Hollywood history. From Marilyn Monroe´s costumes, the oficial Walk of Fame Exhibit to Hannibal Lector´s jail cell movie set from Silence of the Lambs, The Hollywood Museum is also home to Max Factor´s world-famous makeup romos where Marilyn Monroe became a blonde.

The Hollywood Museum is debuting a new exibit showcasing the Best Motion Picture and Televisión Award. Celebrating the 2013 awards season, the exhibit honors the magic of movies and televisión in a unique showcase featuring costumes and props from de year´s most popular and critically acclaimed films and televisión series.
Award winning and popular TV shows on display include Breaking Bad, Scandal, Homeland, Mad Men, Modern Family, Grey´s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Dancing with the Stars.
Councilman Los Angeles Mitch O´Farrell, Founder of Hollywood Donelle Dadigan, actress Doris Roberts.

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